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What can I do or find out what I did wrong for a trustee to force me to file this year's taxes when my Bankruptcy was filed and discharged

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Presented all requested info to the lawyer hired for filing including tax documents for (2015 tax year)had the meeting late Dec.2016, received discharge Mar. 2017, started receiving letters from trustee not knowing nothing about this part of bankruptcy, I contact my lawyer and never got an understanding as to why I was receiving these court looking documents from someone other than my lawyer, but they're receiving the same info and hasn't contacted me. Aug 2017 I contact the lawyer I hired to get an explanation and as expected the legal aid or receptionist had no information for me. Finally I find out they need my previous years tax return in which I hadn't filed(2016). After several weeks of being threatened to have my Bankruptcy dismissed if I didn't comply with the trustees wishes, I filed. (Refund normally intercepted for student loans, tax preparer also confirmed this for me this time as well) lawyer office TEXT me to tell me I owe the trustee and I ask why with no understanding
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Answered on Oct 12th, 2017 at 8:50 AM

There is a certain amount of your income that becomes part of the bankruptcy estate based on the day your attorney filed the case. It's an equation that attorneys and trustees use to determine the amount of income and taxes that were earned/owed based on the filing date. You did nothing wrong, it is just a mathematical equation.

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