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What’s the Difference Between Judicial and Nonjudicial Foreclosures?
Learn how a judicial foreclosure proceeds through the court system and about the speedier foreclosure type called the "nonjudicial" foreclosure. ... Read more

Foreclosure: How Long Before I Have to Move Out of My House?
Once you receive a foreclosure notice, you'll likely be able to stay in your house at least six months, depending on the laws of your state. ... Read more

Can the Bank Foreclose on My House if I’m Current on My Payments?
If you breach (break) important provisions in your mortgage agreement, such as failing to pay your property taxes, the bank can foreclose on your home. ... Read more

How to Avoid a Commercial Foreclosure
If you're facing a commercial foreclosure of your business property, your lender might agree to a repayment plan, loan modification, short sale, or deed in lieu of foreclosure. ... Read more

Understanding Foreclosure: Your Loan and Foreclosure Documents Hold the Answers
When facing a foreclosure, it's important to understand how loan documents, such as a promissory note, mortgage, and deed of trust, work. ... Read more

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Property and Divorce

A woman reports that when she and her ex-husband divorced, they agreed to let their family home foreclose. Since then, he has filed for bankruptcy to delay the foreclosure, he began once again to pay ... Read more

Texas Property Taxation - Part One

The State of Texas’ power to tax does not come from the U.S. or Texas Constitution. It is an inherent power associated with the sovereignty of the state. On the other hand, the taxing power of ... Read more

Philadelphia Business Lawyers: SEC Rule 144

In one of the cases handled bySidkoff, Pincus & Green P.C., a client I will call “Mr. Founder,” retained forty percent of the shares of his company (“COMPANY”) when it had ... Read more


When an unsuspecting consumer has been taken advantage of, mislead, exploited or deceived by a product, service provider or corporation, it is an act of consumer fraud. Unfortunately,consumer fraud ha ... Read more


On Tuesday the Court of Special Appeals issued an opinion in the case of Fisher v. Ward. This case is the latest in a long line of cases limiting the ability of owners facing foreclosure to challenge ... Read more

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