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Delaying Foreclosure: The Dodd-Frank Act 120-Day Rule
The Dodd-Frank Act gives a homeowner facing foreclosure additional time to pursue ways to stay in the home and recover from a financial setback. ... Read more

Alaska Foreclosure Process
In Alaska, after the 120-day waiting period required by federal law expires, most lenders use the nonjudicial foreclosure process to sell the home without court involvement. ... Read more

Alabama Foreclosure Process
The foreclosure process in Alabama moves quickly, so it's important to know the extent of your rights both before and after foreclosure. ... Read more

What Are the Differences Between Judicial and Nonjudicial Foreclosures?
Learn how a judicial foreclosure proceeds through the court system and about the speedier foreclosure type called the "nonjudicial" foreclosure. ... Read more

Foreclosure: How Long Before I Have to Move Out of My House?
Once you receive a foreclosure notice, you'll likely be able to stay in your house at least six months, depending on the laws of your state. ... Read more

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Short Sale and Foreclosure Options – KEL Attorneys

Mortgage Debt Relief Attorneys In recent years many real estate agents and mortgage companies have encouraged distressed homeowners, to opt for a short sale rather than allow the bank to foreclose on ... Read more

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What Happens When Your House Goes into Foreclosure?

The foreclosure process is pretty straightforward, and it helps if you know what to expect when this happens. This is a VERY common question at our firm. Question: What happens when your home goes int ... Read more

What is a Short Sale?

Short Sale With the drop in housing prices over recent years and the struggling economy, many people are having trouble paying their mortgages and may consider selling their homes. A short sale is one ... Read more

It’s Not Too Late to Stop Your Foreclosure

As part of a larger enforcement action (so-called "consent orders") taken last April against fourteen of the nation’s largest mortgage banks/servicers following the so-called "rob ... Read more

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