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You're not alone. A lot of homeowners can't pay their mortgages. There are many reasons why you may not be able to afford your mortgage payments any ... read more
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Real Estate How to Avoid Foreclosure FAQs
Financial misfortune can happen to anyone, and a major concern for any homeowner is facing foreclosure. Check out common questions and answers on avoiding foreclosure and saving your home. Are there alternatives to foreclosure I should look into? Are there ways to avoid foreclosure? Do Iqualify for any ... Read more

Entering the Pennsylvania Home Buyer's Market
Few purchases in life are more exciting—or stressful—than the purchase of a home. While there are general guidelines that can benefit all home buyers, each state has its own rules as well. Those entering the real estate market in Pennsylvania should keep these points in mind. Should You Have ... Read more

Buying a House in Oregon
House Prospecting in Oregon Oregon, the Beaver State, has beaches and an easy-going attitude that offers home buyers an interesting combination of city and country living. Before beginning your search, be aware of the legal issues involved in residential real estate transactions, such as disclosures, ... Read more

Sell a House in North Carolina
Selling your house doesn't have to be complicated. By taking a few minutes to understand the process, as well as all the legal and financial issues involved, you can make things easier on yourself. The Real Estate Agent While you can certainly sell your home "by owner," you'll be responsible for setting ... Read more

Home Selling in New York State
Selling your home can be a complicated transaction that might be best accomplished with the help of a professional. Organizing paperwork, scheduling open houses and showings, and dealing with regulations that may have legal ramifications can be overwhelming. Before you put your home on the market, consider ... Read more

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There is no legal remedy for you spending beyon your means or not having the ability to pay for your finaincial obligations due to disability. You will either need to find the means to pay the loan or ...Read more

If you have my firm represent you, anywhere from several months to a couple of years and you may gaet some compensation to move out.  If you just let it go, you will be evicted from 7-30 day ...Read more

Depending on your overall financial situation, it may be advantageous to file bankruptcy.  If you would liek to schedule time for an assessment of your situation, we ste up such appointments with ...Read more

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Mortgage Foreclosures and the "Soldiers and Sailors Act"

The mortgage foreclosure process contains many ins and outs that a homeowner needs to be aware of. One of these is the potential for relief for those in military service under the Soldiers and Sailors ... Read more

Five Tips for Handling a Mortgage Foreclosure Action

This article is intended to aid those dealing with the very stressful process of mortage foreclosures. 1) Examine any defenses and counterclaims you have under the law. In the mortgage foreclosure s ... Read more

Why Should an Owner Get an Insurance Policy (Part 2)

We defined what a title insurance policy is in Part One, but how does it work? You may ask: How do I file a claim? Who do I need to notify? These are a few of the questions that ... Read more

What You Need to Know Before You Miss a Mortgage Payment

Having interviewed over a thousand clients for complaints against their lenders, servicers, and the securitized trusts that bought their subprime loans, I have heard this line from clients over five h ... Read more


The US Supreme Court has recently ruled that Second Mortgages and Home Equity Lines of Credit may not be discharged in bankruptcy even if the entire amount of the loan is underwater ... Read more

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