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Foreclosure Process: How Foreclosur...

Foreclosure Process by State When a foreclosure notice from your mortgage lender shows up in your mailbox, panic is a natural first reaction. In fact, de...Read more

Deficiency Judgment: Even After For...

If you go two or three months without making a mortgage payment, your lender - the bank that's financing your mortgage - will probably send you a notice that ...Read more

Equitable Redemption: How to Get Yo...

What is Equitable Redemption? The term "equitable" means fair, and the idea behind equitable redemption is that it is only fair that you should have a w...Read more



Rights of a Tenant in Foreclosed Residential or Retail Property

If your landlord loses the home you're renting to foreclosure, federal law protects you against suddenly finding yourself evicted. In some cities, you can't be evicted because of foreclosure at all. ... Read more

Property Damage to Foreclosed Property

Losing a home in foreclosure can lead to strong feelings of resentment. Acting out on that resentment, however, by letting a property fall into disrepair or by causing actual damage could get you in t ... Read more

Buying a House in Foreclosure

One person's misfortune can become someone else's blessing - and that's particularly true with foreclosures on residential property. When homeowners are unable to keep up with their mortgage payments, ... Read more

Avoiding Foreclosure

There are many ways to avoid foreclosure. The government has introduced new programs to help people at risk of losing their home to foreclosures. Banks also have their own programs to avoid foreclosur ... Read more

What Happens if You Walk Away?

If you are "underwater" on your mortgage - that is, you owe more on your home than it is currently worth on the market - you may be tempted to just walk away. Although your lender can't force you to s ... Read more

Additional Foreclosure Topics

Additional Foreclosure Topics