Personal Bankruptcy

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What Is Personal Bankruptcy? What A...

Is Personal Bankruptcy the Solution to your Financial Problems? Filing for personal bankruptcy can help you manage your debts if you owe more than you c...Read more

Personal Bankruptcy and Your Home

Home ownership is an American dream - but what happens if you achieve it and then run into financial difficulty? In many cases, you can keep your home, even i...Read more

Personal Bankruptcy and Student Loa...

Most people take on student loans with the highest of hopes. Even if you don't find the job you anticipated, repayment obligations usually begin six to nine m...Read more

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy: Liquidation of Assets

In Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, your assets are liquidated and the proceeds are used to pay off your debts. The trustee assigned to your case figures out what you own and what can be sold. You might ... Read more

Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy: Reorganization

If you have enough income left over to make some payment toward your debts after you meet your monthly living expenses, the law requires you to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization plan instead ... Read more

If You Declare Bankruptcy, Which Debts Disappear?

Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy laws allow Americans who are overburdened by bills to have many types of debt wiped away. One way to understand this debt relief is to talk about the kinds of debts that ... Read more

If You Declare Personal Bankruptcy, What Can You Keep?

Anyone considering personal bankruptcy is concerned about what property they can keep and what they might lose. Even if you file for Chapter 7 protection, where you erase your debts and the trustee se ... Read more

Personal Bankruptcy: Are You Free at Last (Of All Debt)?

Personal bankruptcy can be a good way to deal with out-of-control consumer debts like credit cards and personal loans. But it does not eliminate all kinds of debt. You will still owe debts to the fede ... Read more

Additional Personal Bankruptcy Topics

Additional Personal Bankruptcy Topics