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Do I have to choose if a claim is disputed,contingen or unliquidated?

1 Answers. Asked on Aug 03rd, 2017 on Bankruptcy - Illinois
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Im filling out Schedule E/F for Unsecured claims
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Answered on Aug 04th, 2017 at 8:52 AM

The answer to the question is no - you do not have to choose.  In my experience, some blanks can be left in the Petition.

However, there are a couple of questions raised.  First, you should know whether or not a debt is disputed; one would also think you would know about contingent or unliquidated claims.  That you do not appears to be a red flag as to your ability to complete the BK Petition and Schedules.  This document is signed under penalty of perjury and jail is a risk.  This goes to the larger question: is a bankruptcy lawyer needed?

The suggestion is that a consultation be conducted.  An attorney should be contacted with your local bar association as a good starting point.  Any questions regarding debts, assets, and/or income can then be addressed.  A review with a knowledgable attorney is highly recomended as this petition and the resulting process is rather complex.  It may be that this is a simple matter for which an attorney is not required, but the consultation should occur.  Although you are wished good luck, the Abraham Lincoln rejoinder does, however, come to mind - "an individual who represents himself has a fool for a client."


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