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Personal Bankruptcy and Student Loa...

Most people take on student loans with the highest of hopes. Even if you don't find the job you anticipated, repayment obligations usually begin six to nine m...Read more

What Is Personal Bankruptcy? What A...

Is Personal Bankruptcy the Solution to your Financial Problems? Filing for personal bankruptcy can help you manage your debts if you owe more than you c...Read more

Personal Bankruptcy and Divorce

Money problems can lead to divorce. Filing for bankruptcy and divorce at the same time can seem to make a lot of sense, especially if you ran up credit card d...Read more

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy: Are You Free at Last (Of All Debt)?

Personal bankruptcy can be a better way to deal with out-of-control consumer debts like credit cards and personal loans. But it does not eliminate all kinds of debt. You will still owe debts to the federal government, like back taxes and student loans. You will still owe alimony, child support and other post-divorce settlements. If you've been convicted of a crime or a misdemeanor,... Read More

Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 Reorganizations - Overview

Businesses in dire financial trouble don't necessarily have to close up shop and go out of business. You may be able to save your business, keep operating and get financial relief at the same time. That's what a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is all about. The basic idea is simple: It is better for everyone to let you keep operating and reorganize your business affairs than to simply liquidate ... Read More


What is Foreclosure?

What is Foreclosure? For quite some time now, foreclosures caused by the economic downturn have dominated news media headlines. Foreclosure is a legal process where a creditor takes back your property because you've fallen behind in payments you've agreed to make on that property. If you don't pay your mortgage or your property taxes, for example, you may lose your home to forecl... Read More

Additional Bankruptcy Topics

Additional Bankruptcy Topics