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Sure, it's done all the time.  It's known as a "Chapter 20"  Of course you have to be otherwise eligible under each chapter and be using it for an appropriate purpose.

In Georgia, if a creditor sues and gets a court judgment on the debt, it can file a garnishment action to collect the judgment.  By the time this occurs, it is normally too late to dispute the de ...Read more

If a driver's license is suspended due to a claim for civil damages arising out of an accident, filing a bankruptcy case under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will normally result in the suspension bei ...Read more

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Benefits of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy aids individuals or businesses that are in large debt and are unable to pay it. Those who take advantage of bankruptcy are able to start building their credit. It provides a considerable re ... Read more

Can I Go To Jail For Defaulting On A Payday Loan?

Some payday lenders threaten to call the police if the check bounces, prompting one to ask, “can I go to jail for defaulting on a payday loan?” A payday loan is usually a small loan with a ... Read more

Bankruptcy Is Constitutional

Bankruptcy is specifically mentioned in the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution states: “[The Congress shall have Power] to establish . . . uniform laws on the subject of ... Read more

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions

People considering bankruptcy are usually concerned with whether they can still keep their houses, cars, furniture, clothing and the tools they use to make a living. The good news is that Ohio has gen ... Read more

Ohio Homeowners Get Greater Protection In Bankruptcy

In Ohio, you can now keep even more of your assets when you file for bankruptcy. Starting April 1, 2013, each person can keep up to $132,900 of equity in their home, which adds up to $265,800 for a ma ... Read more

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