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If you don't have any creditors then the Trustee would have no interest in doing anything with your assets. You say you weren't in arrears on your rent payments.  If so, why is the landlord seeki ...Read more

A bankruptcy case is not like most others. Whether it is closed or not is really a question of whether the Trustee has finished with his or her part of the case. That may be long after the Debtor's pa ...Read more

Your facts are a bit confusing.  You state that you have a "second balance" on your home of $3,200.  That is not helpful by itself.     What is the current fair market value of y ...Read more

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Can a Whistleblower Who Filed Bankruptcy Pursue a False Claims Act Case?

When a whistleblower bring a claim under the fails claims act, they may find difficulty if they ever filed for bankruptcy due to precedent set in...Keep Reading.

Philadelphia Mesothelioma Lawyers: Pennsylvania Fairness in Claims and Transparency Act

UnderPennsylvania’s current system of recovery for exposure to asbestos and a resulting diagnosis of mesothelioma, a person can submit a claim to a trust established by multiple companies under ... Read more

How Arizona Prison Workers Escaped Jail Time for Sex Crimes

Earlier this month, it was reported that 13 prison supervisors accused of committing rapes and other sexual-related crimes against prisoners under their watch were each offered plea deals that include ... Read more

Collecting Wages After Wage Theft

More than a quarter of a billion dollars of wages went unpaid in California since 2010 according to a recent review of California Labor Commissioner’s Office records. Unfortunately, the real num ... Read more

Your Rights Before and After Debt Settlement (Part II)

The rights and protections you enjoy as a debtor in the United States do not go away once you have applied for or been accepted into a debt settlement program and had your settlement plan approved by ... Read more

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